Ashtanga Yoga Kauai
Aloha & Namaskar
with Bhavani Maki

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Teacher trainings
Yoga Alliance 
Teacher Trainings                    at Yoga Hanalei, Kauai
200 hour certificate:
Level I:  Oct 28 - Nov 15, 2013 
Level II: Nov 25 - Dec 13, 2013


Please arrive early to faciltate yourself and others in being fully present.
Come freshly bathed, 
perfume & lotion free,
with an empty stomach.
We have mats available.
Bring a towel, & a friend!

Aṣtanga Yoga Kauai

at Yoga Hanalei

5-5121 Kuhio Hwy    

Hanalei, Hawaii 96714

(808) 826-YOGA (9642)       

mailing address:

Post Box 990

Hanalei, HI 96714

“ALOHA! May you breathe the breath of life."
Welcome to Aṣtanga Yoga Kaua’i,                                                                          Serving the North Shore of Kaua'i since 1995  
If Yoga is the dissolving of all self-limiting thought patterns and tendencies, then self-awareness and getting free is the key!       
The invitation: Atha Yoga Anushāsanam  Patanjali Yoga Sutra I : 1                                      At last, we have arrived at this most auspicious moment!  It has taken our entire evolution to come to this turning point. Yoga begins now, as we open ourselves to ever deeper layers of being, and start fresh again. Thru the process of Yoga, we discover the nectar and essence of being by dissolving all self imposed conflict.  This awakens great love, and respect for ourselves, the art and science of Yoga, and the teachers that have walked the path before us and shed the light.
What is Yoga? Yogas Chitta Vrrti Nirodhaḥ  Patanjali Yoga Sutra I : 2 
Yoga is the intentional calming of all self defeating, self negating thoughts, patterns and tendencies within one’s personal energy field.  It is the calming of our stormy and tumultuous nature.
        It is making the impossible, possible..... 
      Yoga can be described as compressed evolution. Bhavani believes that engaging in all the aspects of yoga uplifts us, teaches us to connect with ourselves and surroundings, and most importantly, to the source of joy within the self. “It is as if we are only following some of the doctor’s orders when we limit yoga to postures, and leave the individual’s deeper needs behind.  Specific knowledge is superior to general knowledge. With out it, we are not accessing our potential for total, holistic health.  When we follow the complete prescription, transformation will manifest in every facet of our lives, and culminates in the transformation and evolution of culture and community as a whole.”

       Bhavani is dedicated to exploring Yoga in it’s complete expression. Her classes are steeped in the traditions of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, with an emphasis on integrity of alignment and the use of yoga as therapy. Utilizing over 25 years experience gained thru personal practice, and 18 years of teaching, Bhavani is dedicated to facilitating the individual in realizing their authentic nature thru the traditional application of yoga.     

Patanjali describes Yoga in action as:
      Tapas svadhyaya ishwarapranidhana kriya yogaha  Yoga Sutra II : 1
Tapas  addresses our physical nature, and literally means to burn. It is the burning passion with which we ignite the fire of practice.  The discipline of practice is like a purifying fire that reaches deep within us to reveal that which we have always known, but simply forgotten.
Svadhyaya  addresses our intellect; it is the integration of self observation with metaphysical teachings.  Study of the ancient texts, Yoga philosophy and psychology, keeps us on track, and develops our character and intellect.
Ishwarapranidhana addresses our emotional nature; we gain perspective in our relationships to all beings and redefining our priorities.  The root of all our suffering lies in our confused values.  Yoga with the correct attitude helps us to pierce thru our confusion.

      Bhavani’s Yoga program at her studio Yoga Hanalei, combines expert teaching, courses in Patanjali Yoga Sutra, all threaded with her infectious sense of humor and expertise. Described by some as a teacher’s teacher, Bhavani’s gift is to shed light into blind spots and to awaken insight, revealing the inherent brilliance with in.

       Come join Bhavani, on Kauai’s North Shore for some truly inspiring Yoga! Kaua'i, known as the Garden Island,  is famous for it's exotic and diverse scenery. The pristine tropical surroundings of Kaua'i is the ideal place to rejuvenate and rediscover yourself, relax, enjoy and just let go!